ValleyBlack didn’t know its name, but he knew it lay deeper and higher than any other place Americans had ventured. You had to travel through a network of interlinked valleys, past all the other remote American outposts, just to get to its mouth. Everything about the place was myth and rumor, but one fact was clear: There were many valleys in the mountains of Afghanistan, and most were hard places where people died hard deaths. But there was only one Valley. It was the farthest, and the hardest, and the worst.

When Black, a deskbound admin officer, is sent up the Valley to investigate a warning shot fired by a near-forgotten platoon, he can only see it as the final bureaucratic insult in a short and unhappy Army career. What he doesn’t know is that his investigation puts at risk the centuries-old arrangements that keep this violent land in fragile balance, and will launch a shattering personal odyssey of obsession and discovery as Black reckons with the platoon’s dark secrets, accumulated over endless hours fighting and dying in defense of an indefensible piece of land.

The Valley is a riveting tour de force that changes our understanding of the men who fight our wars and an

A must-read if you want a glimpse of the turmoil Americans faced in Afghanistan or if you just want a page-flipping good yarn.

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And there are some revelations about “the Monk” at the end of the novel that I don’t believe for one moment. But overall this novel is well worth a reader’s time, and I recommend it.

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I could not put this book down, I had to know what’s going on! Renehan does an excellent job with the pace, the plot, the characters, and the backdrop. All of the pieces not only fit, they fit perfectly. I can’t wait to see what this author offers us next.

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The rot that has been infesting the outpost fails to surprise, and Black’s interior thought process is less interesting than the actions he has been ordered to carry out.

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